Stakeholders overview

To access the Stakeholders page, simply go to your company and select Cap table > Stakeholders

  • Here you can find a list of all your stakeholders along with their contact information

  • Each stakeholder can be either a Person or a Company, each of them having their own associated details address, phone number, etc. that can be viewed when clicking on Edit details from the Actions menu

  • Stakeholders can be grouped in groups (Founders, Investors, Employees, etc.) for better management:

    • You are able to share a [document, company update, etc] to say a specific group, rather than picking one by one the people you want to share it with.

  • The Ownership column shows the different types of equity each stakeholder owns (Shares, Options, Convertibles, etc)

  • Invitation status displays Accepted if the stakeholder has accepted your invitation, or the Invite button if your stakeholder hasn't been invited or more than 15 minutes have passed since your last invitation.

    • There's also a little icon next to each user that has been previously invited but has not replied yet, so you know to remind them yourself

The platform will automatically send reminders to the invited stakeholder if there was no reply

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