Financing Services Overview

Fundraising as a service


Fundraising as a service offers a suite of solutions that support companies preparing for a round of fundraising. This package aggregates solutions that accelerate key stages of the journey to financing readiness, including finding the relevant lead investor.


Tailored for companies to use in their journey to receive fundraising, customized for Pre-seed to Series A rounds.


  • Pitch deck review: Receive actionable pitch deck feedback for cohesive presentation to investors.

  • Investors matching tools: Structure investor search efforts by accessing VC and investor matching services based on your company profile. Purposed to assist companies in finding the relevant lead investor as well as prospects for potential investors.

  • Introductions to Angels and VCs: Receive warm introductions to Angels and VCs to advance startup investor searches.

  • Deal structuring guidance: This service equips companies to make informed and effective round structuring decisions, by accessing support for assessing suitable structuring options with insight on best practices.

Syndicates set up & management


Syndicates streamline investor aggregation and offer a lean and transparent process for companies closing their fundraising round. Syndicates enable organized and concise cap tables by grouping investors through nominee or SPV structures, adding only one line to the cap table instead of many. Following fundraising, effective communication and information exchange with syndicated investors is made possible through data room and investors onboarding solutions.


This package is tailored for companies with financing rounds spanning pre-seed to Series B.


  • Nominee/SPV infrastructure: Pool investors together through nominee or SPV structures.

  • Lifetime syndicate management: Syndicates pooling investors through nominee or SPV structures benefit from lifetime management, offering stability.

  • One line in the cap table: This solution optimizes the cap table and ensures it is kept lean by grouping investors under syndicates, with the syndicate entity featuring as one line in the cap table.

  • Data room: Store and share information reliably in data rooms, enhancing investor engagement by offering a space to share updates, documents, and contracts. E-signatures features are embedded.

  • Investors onboarding: This service provides support for seamlessly onboarding investors following a financing round, including investment document management and administrative process-oriented solutions.


Financing through SeedBlink offers startups a clear path to funding by connecting them with a wide network of European investors. With investment options ranging from €25,000 to €5 million, startups at different stages can find the right investors to grow their business. The platform provides tools for co-investment, access to a network of premium investors, assistance with the execution of funding rounds, and resources for engaging with your network. It also simplifies the setup for both private and public fundraising, ensuring your company can effectively manage follow-on investments.


This service is designed for startups from the pre-seed stage up to Series B+, looking to raise funds and expand their investor base across Europe.


  • Crowdfunding: Use the platform to connect with a wide range of investors, aiming to make fundraising more accessible and less time-consuming.

  • Premium Investors Network: Access a select group of experienced investors interested in supporting growing startups. This network provides not just funding, but also insights and networking opportunities.

  • Round Execution: Get help organizing and completing your funding rounds with a structured, straightforward process.

  • Network Engagement Tools: Tools to help you keep in touch with your current investors and reach out to potential new ones, building a supportive community around your startup.

  • Follow-ons Admin: Support with the administrative aspects of securing follow-on investments, helping maintain the momentum from your initial funding round.

  • Private/Public Set Up - Accessibility Set Up: Offers flexibility in how you present your fundraising campaign, either privately to a select group of investors or publicly to a wider audience, making it easier for investors to find and fund your startup.

By using SeedBlink, startups can streamline their fundraising efforts, making it easier to secure the capital they need while focusing on growing their business.



Secondaries is the space offering early-liquidity options for company shareholders. Streamline the liquidity process with established infrastructure for exit events. Conduct share transfers with exit support for stakeholders, payments management flows and electronic signature tools for contracts.


This package is tailored for late-stage companies.


  • Stakeholders early exit support: Dedicated support for the effective management of exit event processes.

  • Shares transfer: Transfer shares between parties.

  • Payments management: Manage payments

  • Contracts & signatures management

Valuation services


Access a fair and accredited valuation for your next financing round, be audit ready. The Valuations package offers multiple types of valuation assessments for every stage of a company’s growth journey carried out by experienced partners. Streamline compliance with the speedy delivery of accurate and cost-effective valuations. Global expansion is made easy with valuation services tailored for multiple jurisdictions.


These services are suited for companies of all sizes.


  • 409A valuation: Secure compliance with IRS regulations in the United States through 409A valuation services. Access independent appraisal of your company’s fair market value.

  • 83(b) election: Secure compliance with IRS regulations in the United States through effective tax strategy approaches to 83(b) Election form completion.

  • HMRC valuation: HMRC valuation services address company valuation needs for the United Kingdom, offering compliant assessments that provide the clarity and precision necessary for strategic decision-making and tax efficiency.

  • BSPCE valuation: Empower company growth in France with BSPCE valuation services. The valuation assessment is tailored to the French market’s particularities, enabling confident navigation of corporate changes through expert support on BSPCE analysis.

  • Customized startup valuation: External formal valuation report of your company delivered by experts.

Cap table cleanup


This service supports having an investible cap table, easing governance by aggregating individual investors under one cap table line instead of many through Nominee or SPV structures. Manage stakeholders in your cap table seamlessly with digital platform engagement solutions. Accelerate compliance through streamlined KYC and AML verification processes for investors, as well as Tax reports. Receive support in the administration of exit-events, optimizing the impact of Exits on the cap table.


These services are suited for startup to mature stage companies.


  • Nominee / SPV infrastructure: Pool individual investors together through Nominee or SPV structures, with the entity grouping the syndicated investors featuring as one line in the cap table instead of many for each individual investor.

  • Stakeholders' management: Digital platform stakeholder engagement solutions that facilitate information exchange and communication.

  • Compliance (KYC & AML): Effective support in performing verification processes for investors for Know Your Client (KYC) and Anti Money Laundering (AML) aspects.

  • Tax reports: Access tax reports accounting for investment matters.

  • Exit support: Streamline administration of exit-events.

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