Documents & Signatures

The documents tab on SeedBlink Equity is your repository for all company documents. There are 3 tabs here to make it easier for you to navigate between different document sections: uploaded documents, templates, and signatures.

Uploaded documents.

Here you can upload company documents in different categories, such as general, ESOP, company structure, signed contracts and founder updates.

To upload a document simply click on “Upload documents” select the file you want to upload together with the category of the uploaded document and hit save. Once a document has been uploaded, it can be shared with different investors or with a group of stakeholders, such that the stakeholders with which the document has been shared can download the document and view it.

Who can upload documents?

The owner of the company as well as other collaborators that have admin privileges.


Currently the templates document provides company owners with 2 templates that could be used to build either an Employee Stock Option Plan, or a Notice of Exercise letter

The template category will soon be revamped such that owners will be able to upload their own contracts via word documents. Owners will be able to use variables inside the word documents such that SeedBlink Equity can automatically fill the variables in the documents with information already stored on the platform such as: grant date, grant amount, strike price, stakeholder name, and much more before sending automatically generated pdf documents filled in with actual contextual data to be signed.


Signatures equips company owners with the ability to send different documents to be signed by recipients. It’s important to note that only stakeholders that have connected with your company on SeedBlink Equity will be able to receive signature requests. In case some of the stakeholders that are required to sign are private entities (companies), you will need to fill out the name of the representative that should sign on behalf of the company.

Sending a document for signing

In order to send a document for signing, click on “Upload document for signing”, select the document you want to be signed, and select who from the stakeholder list should sign this document. SeedBlink Equity will automatically create a new page at the end of the initial uploaded document where all the recipient names will show up together with a special place where each should sign. Each recipient will only be able to sign next to their own name.

Before sending the document for signing, you can choose to customize the message your stakeholders will see before signing the document.

Signature status

Once a file has been sent for signing, the recipient list will receive an email with the signature request and will be able to sign the document via DocuSign. The company owner will be shown the status of the document sent for signing together with information such as who has signed it and who has yet to sign the document. Once the document has been signed by all recipients, the document will be made available to download for all stakeholders inside their own document section of the company.

In case some recipients have yet to sign the document, the company owner can always send a reminder to them to sign the document by clicking the three dots and selecting “Resend”. An email reminder will be sent out to only those recipients that haven’t signed the document.

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