Collaborators overview


With SeedBlink Equity, you can invite additional users to help manage your company’s account, even if they are not shareholders. Collaborators can be legal representatives, auditors, CFOs, HR members or others, as you see fit for your company.

Collaborator roles: There are 3 types of roles that can be granted to collaborators, each with different rights:

  • Viewer - Has only read rights to the company. Viewers can view the entire details of your company but cannot change or add anything. This could be one of your legal advisors.

  • Editor - Has editing rights to the company. They can view and edit everything in your company’s account, but cannot add other collaborators or change the access rights of existing collaborators. This could be an HR representative managing your employee stock option plans.

  • Admin - Has read and write access to the entire company. Admins can view and change everything including access rights of other people. The admin role could be your co-founder for example.

There is also a fourth role of users on SeedBlink Equity, and that is the owner. The owner is the initial person who created the company and only the owner can permanently delete the company from SeedBlink Equity. The other difference between admins and owners is that the owner can revoke access rights of the admin, but the admin cannot revoke access rights of the owner. Also an owner can transfer the ownership of the company to another admin (once the admin has accepted the invitation to join the company).

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