Invite your stakeholders to view their stake

Invite your shareholders to view their stake

Help your investors track their portfolio easier, and invite them to view their stake in your company

  • from the Cap table > Stakeholders page, click on the Invite button next to the stakeholder you want to onboard.

  • a modal will appear, asking you to select the access level you want to grant that specific stakeholder.

You can see a short video description of the process below:

By selecting “Personal stake” your stakeholder will only be able to see his/her non-diluted ownership, along with the latest share price of your company

Entire cap table access level

By selecting “Entire cap table” your stakeholder will be able to see the entire cap table. Stakeholders with this access right will thus see their fully-diluted ownership together with the latest share price of your company.

Before clicking Send invitation make sure you’ve added/confirmed your stakeholder’s correct email address.

Click Send invitation and an email will be sent to your stakeholder on your behalf, from SeedBlink Equity.

Once stakeholders accept their invitation, the status under their Invitation column will change to Accepted.


  • you will first need to add your stakeholder as explained Adding a stakeholder

  • make sure your stakeholders have been granted some type of equity (visible in the cap table) so that they will have something to look at once accepting your invitation

  • make sure to add a valuation before inviting shareholders Adding your valuation

  • you can send out a 'test email' to see how the invitation your stakeholders will receive looks like.

    • if you want to send your own custom message vs the default invitation SeedBlink Equity sends out, you can do so by creating your own 'custom email template'.

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