What do grant beneficiaries see

What do grant beneficiaries see

Once an employee/beneficiary has been issued an Option Grant, the following screen will become available to be viewed under their "My Equity" section of the company that has given them the grants.

Provided the user has accepted his/her invitation to join SeedBlink Equity, the following dashboard will be made available to them: ‍

Here, beneficiaries can understand the amount of Options that have been granted to them, along with all the other important details such as

  • Number of options that have vested so far -> the number of options that become exercisable according to your vesting schedule (for example: if you are granted 2.400 Options, on a 2 year time frame, with 6 months cliff, after the initial 6 months have passed you will be able to exercise 600 Options

  • Number of options that were exercised already -> the number of options that have been converted to shares

  • Number of options available to be exercised -> the number of options that have vested so far minus the number of shares that have been exercised already

  • Strike Price to be paid at the moment of exercising (transforming 1 Option into 1 Share) -> the price the grant beneficiary would pay for converting 1 vested Option to 1 sh are

  • Estimated Value of Options granted (based on the Share Price of the company) -> The value is based on the company's latest available share price multiplied with the number of options you were granted. The value is an estimation and should not be perceived as a guarantee for future value.

  • Vesting schedule along with the Cliff period -> ex: 12/1/6 -> means the duration of the vesting schedule is 12 months, vesting every 1 month, with a 6 month period

Currently, your employees will not be able to initiate an "exercise" of options. Only company admins can do so.

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